This package covers all of the basic bookkeeping needs of small dentistry practice. By adding on the payroll and tax package, this will cover all the compliance needs of a practice. 

Monthly Bookkeeping

+ Payroll ($100/mo)

+ Taxes ($100/mo)



This package includes the bookkeeping from Bronze, in addition it also includes the Cash Managment system. The Cash Management system will help increase your profitability and manage cashflow for your operating, and tax expenses.  

Monthly Bookkeeping

Cash Management Setup + Updates

+ Payroll ($75/mo)

+ Taxes ($75/mo)



This package includes bookkeeping and the Cash Management system, in addition it adds on extensive analytics and KPIs insights for your practice. Monthly KPI analysis will help identify the strengths and weeknesses in your practice, helping you build a sustainable business over time. 

Monthly Bookkeeping

Cash Management Setup + Updates

Monthly Analytics

Monthly KPI Insights

+ Payroll ($50/mo)

+ Taxes ($50/mo)